Civil engineering is at the core of our services offering public and private sector clients bold, innovative solutions for unique challenges and projects. Our goal is to deliver an engineering project that contributes to our client’s success via 3-D Modeling and Design.


Surveying services are performed at the initial stage of a project and at the end marking the locations of utilities and facilities for construction. Our surveyors provide quality surveys through the use of a systematic protocol and precise instrumentation.


We possess a team of engineers, designers and processors versed in both imperial and metric units to provide this essential service to energy developers. Our team has completed sites ranging from 48 kW to over 500 MW located throughout the United States and overseas.


Drone technology benefits clients through high resolution, fast, affordable solutions for aerial imagery, design integration (with 3-D modeling), inspections of large structures/facilities, and for use in marketing.


Serving as the client representative through Construction Administration offers clients the confidence in knowing their project is constructed as designed. As a third party service Construction Administration oversight benefits the success of a project during construction through another set of eyes ensuring a higher level of quality.


Materials testing services are performed on-site or within a fully equipped, Materials Testing Laboratory. Our qualified technicians are backed by AASHTO, ASTM, and ACI, and the laboratory is AMRL and CCRL certified.


Below is a sample of our featured projects. Visit our Full Portfolio

Mountain Falls Master Planned Community

Mountain Falls Master Planned Community Pahrump, Nevada Client:  Mountain Falls, LLC 1100 Acres Update to Conceptual Drainage Study for Mountain Falls FEMA/Watershed/Floodplain Mapping

Peaceful Ridge

Peaceful Ridge Residential Subdivision (Lone Mountain Rd.  & Puli Dr.) Las Vegas, Nevada Client:  Touchstone Living 350 Lots on 55 Acres Boundary/Topo Survey Lot Fit Analysis Hydraulic Analysis (LVVWD Criteria) Open Channel/Storm Drain Analysis (Processed through CCRFCD/City of Las Vegas/Clark County) Traffic Study Tentative Map Site Development Plan Review Major Modification/Zone Change/Vacation Application Improvement...

Robert T. Eglet Advocacy Center Law Offices

Robert T. Eglet Advocacy Center Law Offices Las Vegas, Nevada Client:  Design-Cell Architecture Award:  2015 NAIOP Spotlight Honor Award, Office Building 47,000 sf on .65 Acres 100+ Stall Subterranean Parking Garage Brownfield Site Boundary/Topo/Vacation & Abandonment of Existing Easements Reversionary Parcel Map/Legal Descriptions and Exhibits Site Planning Grading/Paving/Drainage/Traffic/Utilities /Curb/Gutter/Sidewalk Approval Process (City of Las...

Las Vegas Corporate Center

Las Vegas Corporate Center Buildings 19 & 20 Distribution Center North Las Vegas, Nevada Client:  Prologis, LLP Award:  2016 NAIOP Spotlight Honor Award, Sustainable/Green Building Photo Credit: TWC Construction Building 19 – 464,203 sf/Building B20– 153,456 sf on 20.9 Acres Designed to LEED Certification Level by USGBC Concrete Tilt Up Spec Office/2% Skylights Site...

CSN New Northwest Campus Masterplan

CSN New Northwest Campus Masterplan Las Vegas, Nevada Client:  TSK Architects/College of Southern Nevada 1 Acres Site Planning Campus Gateways/Building Locations/Parking Vehicular Traffic Patterns Pedestrian/Bicycle/Transit & Service (Multi-Modal Design) Conceptual Utility Routing Fire/Life Safety Analysis Conceptual Design of Major and Minor Roadways Right-of-Way and Sidewalk Widths Landscaping/Site Amenities Located Off-Site Utilities Developed Long Term...

CCSD Northwest Career and Technical Academy

CCSD Northwest Career and Technical Academy Las Vegas, Nevada Client:  SH Architecture/Clark County School District 217,000 sf LEED Certified by USGBC Boundary/Topo/ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys Site Planning Engineering Studies (Drainage/Traffic) Schematic Design Through Construction Administration (Plans/Specs/Cost Estimates) Coordination with City of Las Vegas and BLM Right-of-Way Grant

Silver State Solar South

Silver State Solar South Primm, Nevada Client:  First Solar, Inc. 350 MW-AC Solar Photovoltaic System 3000 Acres Drainage Study (Bed Load Calcs & HEC-RAS Flood Zone Analysis) Designed Weir To Direct Flow Into Retention Basin Designed Sediment Debris Basins To Handle Alluvial Flows Access Roadway Perimeter Fencing Letter of Map Revision (LOMR) Grading Plans/Details/Cross-Sections...

Blythe Solar Field

Blythe Solar Field Blythe, California Client:  First Solar, Inc. 21 MW-AC Solar Photovoltaic System + 200 Acres Boundary/Topographic Verification Survey Site Access Roadway Grading Plans with Details/Cross-Sections Earthwork Quantities Rough Grading Construction Staking

NDDOT Highway 52

NDDOT Highway 52 2-inch Overlay Construction Administration Kenmare, North Dakota Client:  North Dakota Department of Transportation CA Services for 5 Miles of Roadway 2-inch Overlay Monitored Installation Of Surveillance System Monitored Milling of 5 Transition Areas Production and Placement of 13,000 Tons of Asphalt Administered All Construction Operations Monitored and Recorded Pay Quantities Facilitated...

Des Lacs Railroad Bridge

Des Lacs Railroad Bridge Survey and Materials Testing Services Des Lacs, North Dakota Client:  Phillips and Jordan Horizontal/Vertical Survey Control For Construction of 8, 40 ft High by 60 inch Diameter Concrete Piers; 8, Concrete Filled Steel Piers; and Construction of All Abutments, Beams, and 450 ft Long Bridge Girder Rails Provided Concrete Testing...

Black Mountain Distribution Center

Black Mountain Distribution Center Henderson, Nevada Client:  Prologis, LLP Award:  2016 NAIOP Spotlight Honor Award, Industrial Building <200,000sf Photo Credit:  TWC Construction 232,826 sf Divisible to 57,688 sf Concrete Tilt Up Site Planning Permitting/Approval Processing (City of Henderson/Utility Companies) As-Built/Topo /ALTA/ACSM Land Title Surveys Improvement Plans Grading/Paving/Drainage/Utilities/Traffic/Streets/Roads/Curb/Gutter/Sidewalk Construction Staking

The Estates at Serene

The Estates at Serene Residential Subdivision (Serene Ave. & Kingston Rd.) Henderson, Nevada Client:  Ryland Homes 44 Lots on 22 Acres Boundary/Topo/ALTA/ACSM Land Title Survey Lot Fit Analysis Hydraulic Analysis Engineering Studies (Hydrology/Storm Drain/Traffic) Tentative Map Improvement Plans Construction Staking

Who is Taney Engineering?







About Us

Taney Engineering is a full-service civil engineering, land survey/staking, material testing and construction administration services corporation that strives to deliver successful, bold and innovative solutions to public and private clients and communities. Taney Engineering was founded in 2000 by Principal Engineers, Edward Taney, P.E. and Robert Cunningham, P.E. In 2003, Steven Dumovich, P.L.S. joined the firm as Principal Surveyor expanding the services offered by the firm.  

Who We Are

Today, Taney Engineering employs over 60 engineering, land survey, material testing and construction administration professionals who have experience working with federal, state and local governmental agencies as well as private development clientele. Taney Engineering has three offices including Las Vegas, Nevada and Minot and Williston, North Dakota. Taney Engineering is knowledgeable of the local environmental conditions and local government entities processes, procedures, and specifications; particularly the 10 State Standards and Criteria. Taney Engineering is further experienced in all permitting and improvement plan processing for land development. For public works projects, Taney Engineering is experienced in the preparation of reports/studies, plans, specifications, and cost estimates suitable for construction, and provides construction administration. Taney Engineering understands the strength of the firm lies in its team of licensed engineers, designers, processors, financial, and administrative professionals. The depth of the firm’s capabilities is a result of the dedicated professionals who are committed to client service, ongoing professional development, and the constant pursuit of professional excellence. Professionals at Taney Engineering are active members of the Southern Nevada Home Builders Association, National Association of Industrial and Office Properties, Southern Nevada Chapter, and Minot Chamber of Commerce. The firm also believes in giving back to it’s communities by providing pro bono services to Habitat for Humanity, donating to the Minot Homeless Coalition, and serving on the Eagle Wings.

Nevada Office

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