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Legacy Assisted Living Facility

Location:  Las Vegas, Nevada

Client:  BWA Architects

Completion:  2015

Taney provided land survey and civil site design for Legacy Assisted Living, a 148,700 SF, 170 unit facility located in Las Vegas. The firm provided site planning, parking, drainage, roadway, driveway, sidewalks, ADA ramps, fire access, and trash enclosure design. Taney improved the public drainage around the site within Durango Drive and at Regena Avenue. The project incorporated custom street lights and decorative pavements along the sidewalks.


  • Boundary Survey

  • Aerial Topographic Survey

  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

  • Hydraulic Analysis

  • Hydrology Study

  • Traffic Mitigation Report

  • Zone Change

  • Grading Plan

  • Utility Design and Coordination

  • Street Plan and Profiles

  • Horizontal Control Plans

  • Traffic, Streetlight and Signage

  • Traffic Control

  • Legal Descriptions and Exhibits

  • Asphalt Roadway

  • Sidewalk, Curb and Gutter

  • ADA Ramps

  • 18-, 24-, and 36-inch Storm Drain

  • Prepared DINA for Entitlements through the City of Las Vegas


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