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Mosaic Townhomes

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada


Client: Touchstone Living


Completion: 2022





Touchstone Living is developing a 798 unit, multifamily townhome condominium complex on 50 acres, off of Las Vegas Blvd South at St. Rose Pkwy. Taney Engineering is providing site engineering and surveying currently for Phases 1-3 including site planning, grading, utilities (wet/dry), paving (streets/roads/parking), drainage, sidewalks and site lighting for the project.

Unique aspects of the project include NDOT coordination, access to elevated St. Rose Parkway at southern edge of the property, access to the frontage road, and multi-document submissions for permits and approvals.




  • Boundary Survey

  • Survey & Aerial Topography

  • ALTA/NSPS Land Title Survey

  • Records Of Survey

  • Site Planning

  • Grading Plan

  • Entitlements

  • Tentative Map

  • Waiver Of Conditions

  • Hydrology Study

  • Channel/Storm Drain Analysis

  • NDOT And CCRFCD Concurrences

  • Traffic Study

  • NDOT Traffic Study For Access St. Rose

  • Water Network Analysis

  • Project Management

  • Channel/Storm Drain Design

  • Street/Roadway Design

  • Utilities (Wet & Dry)

  • Offsite Sewer Extension

  • Offsite Water Extension

  • NDOT Encroachment Permit

  • Final Map

  • Easements (Legal & Exhibit)

  •  Vacation (Legal & Exhibit)

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