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CSN Cheyenne Campus West Parking Lot Improvements

Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada


Client: College of Southern Nevada


Completion: 2015





Taney Engineering designed the Cheyenne Campus West Parking Lot improvements for CSN. This project consisted of correcting drainage issues along the western edge of the existing parking lot by providing a series of drop inlets along the valley gutter. This channels the flow of surface runoff and directs it into a storm drain pipe that connects to the existing storm drain pipe at the southwestern corner of the parking lot.



  • Boundary Survey

  • Topographic Survey

  • Hydrology Calculations

  • Drop Inlets

  • Grading Plan

  • Paving/Parking Lot

  • Circulation, Traffic and Striping Plan

  • Horizontal Control Plan

  • Curb and Gutter

  • ADA Ramps to Sidewalks

  • Construction Staking

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