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Highway 85 Milling, Overlay, and Intersection Widening

Location: Near Belfield, North Dakota


Client: NDDOT, Dickinson District


Completion: 2013



Taney Engineering administered the widening of eleven intersections and the milling and application of a 3-inch overlay on 15 miles of Highway 85 north of Belfield, North Dakota. Taney inspectors monitored all soil operations including borrow, placement, and material testing. Additionally, the team monitored aggregate and salvage base operations including milling, placement, and testing. Taney inspectors monitored all asphalt operations including mix controlling, placement, and testing, and administered all associated construction operations including temporary and permanent signage and striping, traffic operations, survey operations, culvert extensions, and repair. The team also collected, filed, and turned in project records including a materials file with certifications, a pay quantity file, a correspondence file, an inspection and project diaries file, and a haul summary file. The project included tracking all pay quantities and submitting timely progressive estimates ensuring prompt contractor payments.




  • Construction Administration

  • Construction Inspection

  • Land Survey

  • Construction Staking

  • Materials QA Testing

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