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Highway 52 Overlay

Location: Near Kenmare, North Dakota


Client: NDDOT, Minot District


Completion: 2015

Taney Engineering administered the application of a preventative maintenance overlay on 5 miles of Highway 52 north of Kenmare, North Dakota. Taney inspectors monitored the installation of a surveillance camera system; milling of 5 transition areas; production and placement of 13,000 tons of asphalt; traffic control signage, flagging, and pilot car operations; placement of rumble strips; and placement and painting of edge, centerline, and message paint markings.


Additionally, the team provided survey placement of post-mounted traffic signs, centerline nails and poppies, stationing lath, and paint messages. Taney also collected, filed, and turned in project records including a materials file with certifications, a pay quantity file, a correspondence file, an inspection and project diaries file, and a haul summary file. Additionally, Taney tracked pay quantities and submitted timely progressive estimates ensuring prompt contractor payments. Finally, the Taney project manager coordinated a pre-construction meeting, numerous during construction meetings, and a post-construction inspection.




  • Construction Administration

  • Construction Inspection

  • Land Survey

  • Construction Staking

  • Materials QA Testing

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