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Lone Mountain


Location: North Las Vegas, Nevada


Client: Lone Mountain Estates, LLC


Completion: 2022



Taney provided engineering, surveying, and construction staking for Lone Mountain Estates Areas 1, 2, 3, and 4 for the 89 lot, 47.5-acre custom residential subdivision. This project is unique in that it features a steep grade from the bottom of Lone Mountain and traverses through the property. The project required offsite water and sewer extensions. Taney Surveying provided staking for each property pad, walls, utilities (wet/dry), streets/roadways, drainage facilities, curb, gutter, and sidewalks. This project required the design of an 8-ft. retaining wall to protect a large lot containing a luxury home.




  • Due Diligence

  • Preliminary Drainage Analysis & Exhibits

  • Preliminary Grading Plan

  • Preliminary Tentative Map

  • Boundary Survey

  • Survey & Aerial Topography

  • Hydrology Study

  • Waiver/Variance

  • Public Vacation

  • Design Review

  • Pacel Map

  • Determination Letter

  • Channel/Storm Drain Analysis

  • Additional Concurrence

  • Traffic Mitigation/Impact Analysis

  • Water Network Analysis

  • Grading

  • Channel/Storm Drain Plans

  • Street Plan & Profiles

  • Utility Plan & Profiles

  • Offsite Water & Sewer Extensions

  • Horizontal Control

  • Traffic Plan

  • Plot Plans

  • Easement Map, Final Map, Parcel Map Easements (Legal & Exhibits)

  • Vacation (Legal & Exhibits)

  • Construction Staking

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