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Tropicana and Hualapai Construction Staking

Location: Las Vegas, Nevada

Client: Clark County Public Works

Completion: 2019

Taney Surveying performed construction staking for the construction of three eastbound travel lanes and two westbound travel lanes between Hualapai Way and Grand Canyon Drive and three travel lanes in each direction between Grand Canyon Drive and Fort Apache Road, including but not limited to; new pavement sections, milling and overlaying existing pavement sections, construction of curb and gutter, sidewalks, sidewalk ramps and curb returns, storm drain infrastructure, utility relocations, traffic signal modifications, striping, signage and street lighting.


  • Locate, Verify and Augment Horizontal and Vertical Control

  • Establish Construction Control

  • Provide All Stakes and Notes

  • Right-of-Way Limits

  • Temporary Construction Easements

  • Saw-Cuts and Removals

  • Curb and Gutter

  • Median Islands

  • Gravel Grades

  • Drainage Structures/Pipe Penetration Locations

  • Reinforced Concrete Pipe

  • Drop Inlets and Manholes

  • Encasement Sections

  • Waterline Relocations

  • Streetlights, Footings and Pull Boxes

  • Striping

  • Final Monument Locations

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